The workplace is one of the biggest contributors to stress and burnout

Our dedicated team is ready to work with employers to create this positive change

Dr. Ty McKinney, PhD

Ty brings 10 years of experience researching brain health and technology to 8 Bit Cortex

He realized that there was a huge opportunity for this technology to be rolled out in the workplace to tackle chronic stress at is root.

Ty is passionate about science communication as a means to empower people and change our culture of burnout

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Shannon Snaden, MBA, CRM

Shannon brings years of experience in innovation development and strategy to the team.

Shannon is passionate about mental health because it impacts everyone and believes that having access to mental health resources is important for our communities.

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Araz Minhas, BSc

Araz brings a background in computational neuroscience, software engineering, data science, and full stack web development.

Araz is passionate about mental health because it affects all areas of life, enabling everyone's ability to uphold their values and be the best versions of themselves.

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Eden Redman, BSc

Eden brings experience in project management, entrepreneurship, and full stack development to 8 Bit Cortex

With a number of close family, friends, and personally having battled mental illness, Eden is impassioned to provide better treatment supports to those in need.

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