Gamifying your wellness journey and working with your employer to reduce burnout

58% of young professionals are reporting workplace burnout over the last year

This is a 42% increase from previous years

(Source: Indeed Survey)

Accessible and Engaging

8 Bit Cortex believes in making fund and engaging mental wellness tracking tools accessible to everyone

Our gamification strategy turns tedious traditional tests and surveys into short mini-games

Data-Driven Insight

Psychological data may be complex, but getting actionable insight doesn’t need to be.

Our analytics are based off of Dr. Ty McKinney’s peer-reviewed research on smartphone-based cognitive assessment.

These analytics reduce the complexity of your wellness journey so its easy to know how your doing and if your current strategies are effective

Automated Burnout Notifications

Mental health absenteeism in the workplace collectively costs employers 8T USD a year in lost productivity. (Source: https://bit.ly/3sfjd2S)

Our app’s analytics warn about the development of burnout, since proactive support is more successful and cost effective


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Interested in being a beta-tester for 8 Bit Cortex?

We are looking for both end-user and organizations interested in gamifying their wellness initiatives with data-driven insight

Mental Wellness is Complex
We Provide Insight

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