Our services use our propriety gamified mental wellness tracking app designed by neuroscientists to track and mitigate burnout.

We want to help everyone save on the personal and financial costs of burnout.

Experience our customizeable flagship service

7 Day Wellness Sprints

Burnout management is complex

We make it fun and data-driven

According to recent data from the Angus Reid Institute,

1 in 3 Canadians are struggling with mental health challenges.

That could be 1 in 3 of your work colleagues ready to take an unplanned stress leave.

Experience the relief of knowing your workplace is happy, healthy, and productive. Have fun while co-creating this outcome with us.

Wellness Sprints

Our proprietary approach to burnout

Where does your team experience the most burnout risk?

Are wellness program/benefits packages being effectively used?

How can your workplace be more inclusive to neurodiverse people?

If you don't know the answer to these questions, our gamified risk assessment procedure can lead your team to improved health and productivity.

Includes a report and 1 hour of consulting time to help you understand our recommendations.

Schedule both a baseline and follow-up assessment for a discount!

Burnout Management Workshops

Our team has years of experience facilitating educational events to help you build a corporate culture that destigmatizes mental health.

Fun and Engaging

Each workshop uses our app as an interactive learning tool

87% of people rated workshops as very helpful

94% of people rated workshops as very easy to understand

54% of people rated our beta app as a helpful learning tool

Some of our Topics

  • ADHD and Entrepreneurship
  • Build a Depression Preparation Plan
  • Anxiety and the Importance of Being Brave
  • This is your brain on Exercise

Personality Wellness Consultations

Discover your OCEAN model personality profile

and its implications for your burnout risk.

As service for individuals and teams both big and small

Includes report and consultation time to understand your personality data


1 person

30-minute consultation


Small Team

2-5 people

60-minute consultation


50% of all proceeds from personality consultations go to our charity partner

Large Team

5 + People

Available as a Wellness Sprint

60-90 minutes


"The most useful information for a business owner to know about their team"

-CEO of a small team

Statistical Consulting

BYOD: Bring Your Own Data

Bring your own KPI data and enhance the insight from our services

How does your workplace wellness program support your KPI?

What is the cost of burnout for your company?

Incorporate wellness data into your business strategy

Note: 8 Bit Cortex is a wellness tracking app and a series of consulting services.

Our technology is not seeking to replace conventional psychotherapy or psychological assessment, nor represent itself as providing the services of a registered psychologist.

We do, however, believe our technology can assist these services and look forward to the opportunity to support mental health professionals.


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