Mental Health is Complex
We Provide Insightful Consulting

Our team of brain health experts are here to assist your organization’s mental wellness goals

Mental Health

Diversity and Inclusion Educational Content

You don’t need to be a neuroscientist to learn about the principles of brain health-we got your back!

Our team has years of experience creating engaging content (blogs, white papers, webinars, keynotes), hosting virtual events, and a passion to help make the workplace more inclusive towards neurodivergent people

Statistical Data Analysis Consulting

Psychological data may be complex, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get simple answers to your questions

Our statistical consulting services can help your organization build data-driven policies and decisions

We can work with already collected data or assist you with survey design to get the information you need to support your organization’s mental wellness goals

Clients and Community Partners

We are proud to partner with other progressive companies and organizations to empower people with actionable insight into how their brain works


We are proud that our analytics services and custom content assists ConsciousWorks in creating strong, agile minds at work

Workplace Resilience Roadmap | Your Brain on Burnout Talk

Branch Out Neurological Foundation

Dr. Ty the NeuroGuy has been helping raise awareness for Branch Out’s NeuroCAM research for over 6 years through blogs and webinar workshops

List of Blog Articles | Sign up for a free Webinar!

Each + Every

We believe that supporting mental health includes the most vulnerable in our community through the harm reduction advocacy of Each + Every and helped plan their inaugural webinar

Burnout Prediction

Burnout is an insidious process that robs us of our energy, health, and productivity

Our app will not only gamify mental health testing, but use the data collected to alert your team to early-stage burnout before it leads to a costly leave of absence

Note: 8 Bit Cortex will launch as a transdiagnostic wellness app and a series of consulting services.

Our technology is not seeking to replace conventional psychotherapy or psychological assessment, nor represent itself as providing the services of a registered psychologist.

We do however, believe our technology can assist these services and look forward to the opportunity to support mental health professionals.


Stay up to date with our team’s developments, community events, and cutting edge psychological wellness research

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If you want to learn more about the consulting services we offer or become a community collaborator, we would love to hear from you!

Mental Wellness is Complex
We Provide Insight

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