Level up your

mental wellness strategy

We have gamified corporate burnout risk assessment and are building predictive analytics to manage burnout before it becomes a problem.

Experience the relief of knowing your workplace is happy, healthy, and productive. Have fun while co-creating this outcome with us.


Gamified mental wellness tracking

Play games to build your psychological resilience

Burnout Prediction Algorithms

Get support before, not after you're already burnt out

Personalized Wellness Content

You are unique, so your data customize your experience


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Meet the Team

Ty Mckinney, Ph.D.


Science Lead

Shannon Snaden, MBA


Business Strategy Lead

Araz Minhas, BSc.


Tech Development Lead

Anuradha Batabyal, Ph.D.

Marketing Coordinator

Reea Dev, BEng.

UX Design & Testing

Serena Schimert, BSc.

Game Developer

Elizabeth Olumekun, MSc.

Business Management

Eduard Mogos

Front End Developer